Coming soon: A service that sets a new benchmark for pre-employment risk management

Konekt has collaborated with one of Australia’s leading occupational doctors, Dr Vern Madden, to create a new way of conducting pre-employment assessments.

The benefits of pre-employment assessments are widely understood and utilised in many industries throughout the country. Two of the most common complaints about pre-employment assessments have been;

  • The time taken to conduct assessments which impacts the time to hire. This can be particularly challenging in today’s competitive job markets.
  • The inconsistencies between medical reports which make it difficult to run standard reports and make comparisons between candidates and across the workforce.

Konekt have addressed these challenges with the creation of JobScreen™. JobScreen represents the most significant change to the way pre-employment assessments are performed since their introduction.

JobScreen features an online medical screening survey which has been created in consultation with Dr Vern Madden to ensure that a complete and detailed history is collected. The online survey features intelligent algorithms that direct the survey to ask additional questions or skip sections based on the respondent’s answers. The standardised survey also introduces consistency which simplifies the reporting and comparison between candidates.

Following the online medical screening survey the candidate completes a face to face functional assessment with a Konekt consultant. This physical assessment addresses all aspects of the candidate’s physical ability to perform work safely aand results are entered into JobScreen.

The combined power of the online medical screening survey, functional assessment and interpretative algorithms eliminates the requirement for a medical examination. The overall process is reduced to a single face-to-face appointment which saves time and makes it less onerous for the candidate.

From these two assessments JobScreen generates an employer report which is checked by either a Senior Allied Health Professional or an Occupational Doctor.

JobScreen is currently in pilot with three large Australian organisations who have been very satisfied with the reduction in time to complete the assessment and the provision of standard reports.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting development from Konekt in the new year. If you can’t wait, please contact Philip Paysden ( or Sarah Denness (

About Dr Vern Madden M.B.,B.S. (QLD)

Dr Vern Madden is one of Australia’s most respected and well know Occupational Doctors. He studied at the University of Queensland and graduated in 1979. He has held numerous hospital positions in the Queensland Public Hospital system including 11 years at the Tara Hospital, QLD, as a general practitioner and medical superintendent. Dr Madden has more than 12 years experience in Occupational Health and Rehabilitation. In 2001 Dr Madden established The Health Advantage in Toowoomba QLD which focuses on providing specialist rehabilitation to injured workers and state of the art pre-employment testing.

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