Driving the best practice WHS model

McColl’s Transport engaged Konekt to assess their Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) practices. As one of Australia’s largest transport operators with over 450 employees Australia-wide, the potential for workers’ compensation claims and associated premiums had been escalating.

What did they do?

McColl’s adopted Konekt’s multifaceted incident management and early intervention program combined with a workers’ compensation claims management advisory service from Konekt. This was able to stem McColl’s escalating workers’ compensation costs and achieve significant reductions in incident reporting lag time, average time lost for claims and the cost of claims.

Within 12 months of engaging Konekt’s Professional Services Group McColl’s experienced:

  • 95% reduction in incident notification lag time
  • 84% reduction in average time lost rate for significant injuries
  • 76% reduction in median time lost for significant injuries


McColl’s has become a best practice WHS operator in the transport industry. In 2009/10 McColl’s had a low median lost time rate of just 1.9 weeks, reducing further to 1.6 weeks in 2010/11 – a 60% reduction on the industry average. The improvement McColl’s has achieved has resulted in a 50% reduction on their workers compensation insurance premiums.

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