Impact of musculoskeletal pain

Safe Work Australia has released a study examining the impact of musculoskeletal pain in the younger workforce.

Among participants, the rate of absenteeism due to health reasons was 1.8 times greater for those with current back or neck pain, the study stated.

The study indicated (after adjustments) that younger employees with neck or back pain were estimated to have 73.4 hours of sick absence per year.

In contrast, young workers without diagnosed back or neck pain were estimated to have 41.6 hours of sickness absence per year on average.

The study indicated the cost to employers was $1168 per worker per year more for those with back or neck pain due to the absences.

The study concluded that back and neck pain have a significant impact on young workers and should be given focus.
The findings of this study suggest that prevention and management of spinal pain and psychological conditions should be a priority for policy and intervention in order to enhance the quality of working life for young Australians and ensure ongoing productivity for the Australian workforce.

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