Work is good for health

New medical certificate of capacity in the ACT
Comcare and the ACT Government have collaborated with workers compensation and compulsory third party insurers in the ACT to design a single medical certificate that focuses on capacity rather than incapacity. This approach is supported by the latest evidence that, in general, work is good for health and wellbeing.

The ACT Certificate of Capacity replaces all previous medical certificates used in the ACT for workers compensation and compulsory third party claims. This includes Comcare, ACT Workcover, ACT Compulsory Third Party Compensation claims and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

This certificate can also be used for non-compensation injuries or illness where the employer needs to facilitate return to work or provide assistance for the employee to remain at work.

The certificate is now in use by a number of GPs in the ACT and surrounding region. Comcare is working with software suppliers to have the form uploaded into their software, but you can also download a copy of the certificate at

A range of stakeholders including GPs, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Capital Health Network and public and private sector employers were consulted and provided input to the certificate.

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