Rabobank’s transition to an agile working environment

rabobank2Konekt has been working with Rabobank, the world’s leading specialist in
food and agribusiness banking, during the refurbishment of their offices at Darling Park in Sydney to assist with their transition to a new agile environment.

An increasing number of businesses are redesigning their offices in line with agile principles. An agile work environment allows an employee to be able to physically locate themselves in different work areas that will better suit the type of work they are performing.

In this environment – where they are frequently moving – it becomes important that the employee learns how to correctly set themselves up at their chosen work setting.

Konekt has successfully assisted a number of large corporations to transition to agilerabobank1 environments and continues to work successfully with these companies to support, train their staff and promote the benefits of the environment.

Prior to the move, Konekt worked with Rabobank to provide guidance on seating selection and other fixed office furniture. The provision of ergonomic advice during the design phase of an agile environment can reduce long-term costs and problems arising from poorly designed workplaces.

Konekt’s Professional Services Group has worked with Rabobank to develop e-learning materials for staff on both agile working environments and telecommuting. Telecommuting is work that is completed outside of the traditional office environment, whether it is working from home, a hotel room or a coffee shop.

Telecommuting provides a flexible work arrangement that can allow you to choose different work environments to suit your work activity.

Ergonomic assessments were coordinated in the new workplace for Rabobank employees who were currently experiencing pain or symptoms and for those who were likely to experience issues in their new environment. Employees were familiarised with the new setting and educated on ergonomic principles to enable them to correctly set up future workstations.


Rabobank moved seamlessly into their new workplace on 30 November. Konekt provided assistance during the move, having consultants onsite to provide ergonomic education and advisory services to employees as they entered their new working arrangement.

Konekt will be providing follow up educational sessions to Rabobank employees to assist with management of the change process. Through experience, Konekt has found employees may need reassurance when dealing with the changes that come with transitioning to an agile environment and that the provision of expert ergonomic advice to these employees will often address this concern.