Welcome to our first issue of Customer Konektions for 2016. Last year was a significant year of growth for Konekt and we are looking forward to seeing the benefits of the change in initiatives we have made come to fruition. As a customer of Konekt you can expect to see us continuing to innovate, grow, improve quality and challenge the status quo.

In this issue, we share with you details of the three businesses we merged with late last year, and how they fit in the overall Konekt business.

We profile one of our services – Return to Work Coordinator training – and discuss the benefits of a nationally consistent approach.

QBE discuss the benefits they have seen from the introduction of their ergonomic

site champion program which they have partnered with Konekt to deliver.

We also take a look at the health benefits of sit-stand workstations and what might work best in different work environments.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Customer Konektions.

Damian Banks, CEO, Konekt Limited.