CommuniCorp launches Psychosocial Priorities Survey

Identifying key factors known to influence mental health in the workplace

While an increasing number of workplaces are discussing the importance of mental health, many are still unsure if they meet their legal, compliance, moral, and performance obligations.

In fact, some are still ‘fire-fighting’ by reactively handling mental health issues as they arise, while others are keen to develop appropriate strategies but do not know where to begin.

To help capture an industry-wide snapshot of current workplace mental health initiatives, CommuniCorp has developed a brief survey that explores a number of psychosocial factors known to influence mental health in the workplace.

Based on current best practice and evidence-based research, the survey will enable CommuniCorp to gather valuable data across Australia and New Zealand.

What is this survey for?startsurvey_button
This survey will also provide some background information on key factors that contribute to psychological health and well-being, based on CommuniCorp’s Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplaces framework.

Who can take this survey?
Anyone from a medium to large organisation (300+ full-time staff) with responsibility for developing, implementing, or managing workplace mental health related activities.

Representatives and staff from, or affiliated with, corporate training organisations or psychological service providers and HR related consultancies are prohibited from taking this survey.


How long will it take?
Approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

How will my data be used?
All individual information provided will be kept confidential, de-identified and aggregated (no organisation name will be requested). Broad results will only be used for CommuniCorp research and development, and industry education purposes.

What’s in it for me?
Each participating organisation will receive access to five Personal Resiliency Builder assessments, valued at $80 each. Participating organisations will also receive an optional copy of the CommuniCorp Psychosocial Priorities Survey Report, which includes basic benchmark information as to how their industry is performing relative to others.

To take the survey click here.