Communicorp attends SafeWork NSW Mental Healthy Workplaces Summit

CommuniCorp was invited to attend the SafeWork NSW Mental Healthy Workplaces Summit held at the Maritime Museum in Sydney over the 8th and 9th November.

Dr Laura Kirby represented CommuniCorp at this interactive event that saw mental health experts, the business executives, government and worker representatives come together to discuss solutions for mental health issues at work and contribute to the development of a strategy.

What is Mental Health Strategy?

The Mentally Healthy Workplaces Strategy is part of the NSW Government’s approach to improving mental health across the state, and the event saw both Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean and Minister for Mental Health Tanya Davies pledge their commitment to the Strategy. The Summit included international and local speakers discussing current research and trends in the area of workplace mental health, followed by active working groups contributing their ideas and solutions to create a comprehensive strategy.

What can we do better?

One of the key areas for improvement highlighted by the Summit was the number of workplaces who are still in the “basic awareness” and “inaction” categories with respect to steps taken to create a mentally healthy workplace. The emphasis, therefore, is on increasing the actions taken by workplaces to move towards a more integrated and sustained approach to workplace mental health. Particularly, when the ROI data is considered as this shows that businesses that invest in workplace mental health promotions can get a return of more than $4 for every $1 invested from reduced absenteeism and better productivity.

This is completely consistent with the CommuniCorp approach in working with organisations, to ensure that their systems support a preventative and early intervention approach to psychological health and safety in the workplace, rather than simply focusing on a tertiary or ‘symptoms-based’ approach. The Summit shows a promising commitment on behalf of the NSW Government, as well as NSW businesses, to be undertaking a more proactive and integrated approach to workplace mental health and CommuniCorp is proud to be part of this important initiative.