Employee awards and recognition

Recognising our team members

An important element of our 25 years anniversary has been the revamp of our employee awards program, where we take the opportunity to celebrate employee wins, recognise achievements and highlight team efforts.

CEO Living the Values Award

Three outstanding employees have been recognised with our new quarterly CEO Living the Values award. The achievements of Curtis Guglielmana, Lauren Dunn and Maria Castillo are shining examples of Konekt’s values of personal impact, integrity, innovation and customer focus. All three employees are well respected by their peers and our business leaders. Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Konekt Employee of the Month

The Employee of the Month Award recognises the outstanding behaviour of one individual and their contribution to Konekt. And we’ve received over 35 nominations this year! Outstanding professionalism, team support, going the extra mile, exceptional customer focus and process innovation are just some of the ways in which Konekt’s employees are being recognised for making a real contribution to our business success.

ARPA WA Excellence in Workplace Rehabilitation Awards

Konekt also had finalists in the ARPA WA Excellence in Workplace Rehabilitation Awards for 2017. Well done to Bianca McKay and Samantha Lee for their nominations and special congratulations to the winner, Curtis Guglielmana, for receiving the award for Outstanding Return to Work Outcome. By acknowledging and celebrating these Konekt role models, we are encouraging peer recognition and are extremely proud of these outstanding qualities displayed by our wonderful staff members