Introduction to Mission Providence

Hi everyone, My name is Anthony Steel, and I am the CEO of Mission Providence. I would like to share some background on Mission Providence; who we are; what we do; and our goals for the future.

Who we are

We are a leading provider of employment services that empower of Australians to nd lasting employment and realise their full potential.

Our people are passionate about delivering services that make a real difference to people’s lives, helping them to nd a job, start their own business or develop the skills and confidence they need to take the next steps on their journey to find sustainable employment.

Since 2015, we’ve placed over 45,000 people into jobs, worked with over 30,000 employers and helped over 4,000 people start their own business.

With some 425 staff and offices in over 60 locations across Australia, our teams have proven know-how and expertise in employment services.

Our history

Mission Providence was established in 2014 as a joint venture between Mission Australia and Providence Service Corporation from the US. The joint venture company was created for the express purpose of delivering employment services.

What we do

We are a leading provider of the Australian Government’s jobactive and NEIS programs.

Through jobactive, we assist eligible clients to nd and keep a job, and help employers nd From left to right, Karen Cooper, Hugh Fitzsimmons, Anthony Steel, Caroline Page and Jodie Gilliland. staff with the right skills for their business. Almost 50,000 Australians (and counting) have been supported to reach nancial independence as a result of our work.

Through NEIS, we provide clients with training and mentoring support to help them start their own business.

Our goals for the future

Our vision is to be a trusted leader in delivering solutions that empower Australians to realise their full potential in the communities where they work and live.

Our goal is to place 100,000 people into long term, sustainable jobs by 30 June 2020.

With Konekt, we will expand our services into new areas and reach even more people, empowering them to reach their full potential. We will continue our journey to be a leader in employment services, and with Konekt, build a productive Australian workforce.

We are very much looking forward to being part of Konekt and our combined future together.

I am so proud of the team we have created and the experience our people will bring to the Konekt Group. We are all looking forward to bene tting from the combined experience of the Konekt Group, and for the additional value it will provide to our clients and employers.

‘On a personal note, I could not be more excited to begin this new chapter in Mission Providence’s history. There are some changes to come but the essence of who we are and what we represent will stay – and only grow bigger and better into the future’.