ODG now in place at Konekt

Making sure injured workers receive the support they need to return to work

Konekt has recently rolled out the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) company-wide in a move designed to improve outcomes for injured workers. The ODG is a comprehensive and up-to-date set of medical treatment and return to work (RTW) guidelines to help assist with evidence based decision making.

“Not only do these guidelines help to benchmark how we work, but they also go a long way to help improve outcomes, ensuring quality evidence-based care is delivered quickly and with minimal friction,” explains Konekt CEO Damian Banks.

“Essentially, the ODG help injured workers to promptly receive the support they need.”

Applying evidence-based medicine to improve healthcare outcomes

With a mission statement to apply evidence-based medicine to improve healthcare outcomes, the ODG have been accepted worldwide and are based on over 10 million lost time cases and decades of research.

Now in their 21st year of publication, the guidelines are subject to ongoing review and are updated continuously to reflect findings of new studies.

We hope that by embedding these guidelines into Konekt’s case management practices, we can:

  • Have easy access to the information necessary for effective management of RTW following illness/injury
  • Reduce delayed recovery rates with evidence based disability duration guidelines
  • Provide early and clear forecasting for case duration
  • Identify early RTW opportunities with clear indication for job modification
  • Benchmark RTW performance and demonstrate the value of case management and early intervention
  • Keep all parties in communication about the RTW process by providing a common framework based on medical evidence

The ODG incorporate treatment guidelines and some of the important objectives of these include to:

  • Improve outcomes and client satisfaction by focusing on restoration of functional capacity
  • Aim to reduce excessive use of medical services
  • Reduce delayed recovery rates
  • Open the lines of communication in the RTW process
  • Help injured workers resume function safely and effectively.

ODG now incorporates a Risk Assessment Score (RAS), which represents the relative risk level for each claim, taking into consideration the diagnoses, comorbids, demographics and the database of over three million workers compensation claims.