Introducing JobScreen™

Konekt is pleased to announce the launch of JobScreen, Konekt’s new and unique pre-employment assessment service which provides highly reliable results and the fastest turnaround in the industry.

Konekt has collaborated with one of Australia’s leading occupational doctors, Dr Vern Madden, to create a new way of conducting pre-employment assessments which addresses the major inadequacies of the traditional pre-employment model. These inadequacies are the excessive time taken to conduct assessments, and the inconsistencies between medical reports.

JobScreen differs from traditional pre-employment services in that only one face-to-face examination is required and that all data is collected in a single database.

This means that the process is faster and less onerous for candidates, and that reports are more accurate, consistent and are available sooner.

Pre-employment assessments once focused almost exclusively on a medical examination, however over time the functional assessment has played an increasingly significant role in determining the physical ability of a candidate to perform their duties. Research shows that screened hires are more likely to have a lower incidence of injury, lower absence rate due to injury, and lower medical costs resulting from injury. 1, 2

Online Medical Survey

The online assessment has been designed to record all past and current health issues. If a candidate answers yes to a primary question, additional medical questions are asked to thoroughly investigate each issue. What appears to the candidate to be a very simple system actually involves a set of highly developed algorithmic calculations operating in the background. This process ensures that each and every medical issue is consistently and accurately investigated.

Functional Assessment

The functional assessments are customised to your organisation and the job roles within your organisation. When you sign up to use JobScreen you will be asked to provide details of the job roles you will be screening against so we can develop suitable functional assessments to measure the ability of the candidate to perform the physical demands of the role.


The functional assessment is conducted in a Konekt office by an Allied Health Professional. This assessment includes a blood pressure check, height and weight measurement, musculo-skeletal exam, back injury risk assessment, sleep apnoea risk assessment, balance assessment, vision test, postural tolerance and manual handling evaluation. Additional assessments such as drug and alcohol screening, hearing and lung function evaluation can also be included.

The reports are generated online and are reviewed by a Senior Allied Health Professional or Occupational Doctor depending on the service you select. Following the review the reports are available online immediately.


Pre-employment assessments are not an exact science and the current paper-based pre-employment system relies heavily on an assessor’s ability to accurately and consistently interpret often complex information.

JobScreen reduces human error by using sophisticated interpretive algorithms to assess the online medical questionnaire information and the physical assessment data. The process then produces a report that is electronically generated and cross-checked by a Senior Allied Health Professional or Occupational Doctor.

The final report generated by JobScreen then indicates a candidate’s overall suitability for the proposed role by using an advanced and exact process of data interpretation. The result is a more accurate and consistent outcome for a candidate’s job suitability which ultimately creates safer work places.


There are a number of standard JobScreen packages available to suit your different requirements and budgets. Please contact your Konekt representative to discuss details further.



1. Gassoway, J. & Flory, V., 2000, Prework screen: Is it helpful in reducing injuries and costs? Work. 15(2), 101-106.
2. Nassau, D.W., 1999, The Effects of Prework Functional Screening on Lowering an Employer’s Injury Rate, Medical Costs, and Lost Work Days. Spine. 24 (3), 269-274

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