Konekt Ergonomic Assessments

Improving safety and productivity

Konekt’s ergonomic assessments are designed to assess an individual’s workstation ensuring it is set up in a way that will cause minimum risk to the employee’s health and wellbeing while also enhancing their productivity and performance.

The use of ergonomic principles has become an important tool for reducing the rate of workplace injury. Research conducted across 200 companies whom had undertaken ergonomic assessments found that:

  • 92% of respondents reported a decrease in Workers’ Compensation costs of more than 20%;
  • 72% reported productivity increases of greater than 20%; and
  • 50% reported quality of work increased in excess of 20%.1

Konekt’s ergonomic services are delivered by Konekt’s team of allied health professionals Australia-wide. The team comprises physiotherapists, occupational therapists and exercise physiologists who utilise their comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, postural assessment and ergonomic principles to conduct effective ergonomic services and provide functional ergonomic training.

Konekt’s consultants are experienced in providing ergonomic services across a wide range of industries, including being the sole provider to some of Australia’s largest organisations in banking, telecommunications and the government.

Businesses, and roles within businesses, are diverse, so we provide a comprehensive set of options that allow you to select the best assessment service for your business and employee.

  • Brief office ergonomic workstation assessment:This assessment should be used as a preventative tool to minimise injuries that may arise from poor ergonomics.
  • Comprehensive office ergonomic workstation assessment: This assessment is suitable for employees with existing injuries or who report existing symptoms.
  • Home based ergonomic workstation and WH&S assessment: This assessment will ensure duty of care is met under the WH&S Act for instances where employees are required to work from home. It will also assess the home workstation is set up appropriately.
  • Home-based ergonomic workstation assessment (only):This assessment will ensure that the home-based workstation is set-up according to ergonomic principles.
  • Practical ergonomic workstation training and workstation review:This training is suitable for education a group of employees on ergonomic principles. Train the trainer based training can also be provided to key personnel in an organisation to allow them to train employees.
  • Ergonomic workstation review:The service utilises handbook material provided by Konekt to allow your staff to set up their workstations in accordance with ergonomic principles. A Konekt consultant will be on hand to provide guidance and answer any questions.
  • Comprehensive Ergonomic Workstation Training:This service is suitable for the same scenarios as the practical ergonomic workstation training and workstation review – but where it is not realistic for employees to gather into groups to attend the practical training.
  • Vehicle ergonomic assessment:This assessment will ensure duty of care is met under the WH&S Act for instances where employees are required to utilise a vehicle for work.

To learn more about Konekt’s ergonomic assessments and how they could help improve the safety of your employees, please contact your local Konekt office.


  1. Joyce M.,(1998). “The Business Case for Ergonomics/Human Factors”, Occupational Hazards, vol.60, iss.12,pg.45– 49

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