Building stronger relationships

Historically the occupational rehabilitation industry has seen rehabilitation providers working for customers under large panel arrangements, and today this is still the dominant engagement model.

Over the past few years, Konekt has explored the benefits of partnering more closely with our customers, working with customers as a preferred provider, as a member of a small panel, or in many instances as a sole provider of injury management and / or rehabilitation services.

Most Australian employers don’t have the volume of cases to warrant such a broad panel approach, making the engagement less meaningful for both the provider and the employer.

Konekt and many of our customers have seen the benefits of a partnership approach. Konekt’s experience has been that while occupational rehabilitation can be seen to be a fairly transferable service, in reality there are significant differences between customers’ expectations regarding service delivery – what is seen as “the best way of doing something” by one customer does not necessarily work for another. When Konekt partners closely with a customer across one, or a number of our service lines, we are able to get to know the unique requirements and expectations of that organisation, based on their business priorities.

“Having a single supplier for our pre-employment medicals has given Australian Industry Group Training the national consistency that we were looking for in the booking, results and invoicing; the transition and ongoing support has been made very simple with the single point of contact at Konekt.” Alan Roydhouse, National WH&S Manager, Australian Industry Group Training Service

Some of the benefits of this approach include:

A stronger working relationship

  • Konekt nominates an account manager so the customer has a single point of contact for account and relationship enquiries;
  • Konekt allocates consistent consultants creating an opportunity for consultants to get to know the organisation and to build relationships at local levels;
  • Through a greater volume of work, Konekt consultants can get to know the organisation, and its priorities and business requirements, which ensures that recommendations are viable for the business to accommodate.

Technology tailored to the organisation

  • Konekt’s online platform, Konektiva®, enables Konekt to deliver nationally consistent service Australia wide. Workflows are customisable to the customer requirements, ensuring that all consultants, regardless of the remoteness of their location, have access to information regarding customer driven procedures.
  • Another benefit of Konektiva is that many organisations who partner with Konekt have read-only Konektiva access, providing full transparency and allowing customers 24/7 access to case data. Customer specific reporting is also available through Konektiva allowing customers to obtain detailed information about their rehabilitation cases, at the click of a button.

Nationally consistent service

  • Konekt’s Account Management model coupled with our national case management platform, Konektiva, ensure that we are able to offer our customers a nationally consistent service.
  • The single point of contact means that the onus of explaining customer requirements to consultants is shifted from the customer to the Konekt Account Manager, saving the customer time. Changes in process can be rolled out easily and implemented across the board, with minimal effort required by the customer.

“I have always found Konekt to be responsive and willing to resolve issues wherever possible. In our experience of moving to a small panel of providers, this has enabled greater  efficiencies within our business as we look for ways to more effectively manage a national network of rehabilitation providers.” Josh Stewart, Allied Health Contract Manager, Garrison Health Services Medibank

Streamlined approach

  • Konekt has an online referral portal which can be tailored for high volume customers if required to collect information pertaining specifically to that customer.
  • Konekt is able to meet customer requirements in relation to consistent invoicing procedures.
  • Konekt is able to apply a dedicated engagement plan to ensure that the on-boarding process is conducted seamlessly creating an easy transition for all referrers.

“By working exclusively with Konekt we’ve been able to build a strong relationship where they understand our business well and are able to respond to our unique requirements. Together we have implemented a streamlined return to work process, improved our employees safe transition back into our workforce and improved our records through the use of Konektiva Live.” Sharon West, Human Resources Manager, McColl’s Transport

“Konekt are CXC Global’s sole claims and injury management provider, and we gain extensive value from this very close relationship. Konekt understand the impact that claims and injuries have on our business and have worked to develop a comprehensive understanding of our people, structures, processes and priorities to recognise how these areas are affected.” Chris Thuell, Commercial Manager, CXC Global.

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