Improving customer satisfaction at Konekt

It is our goal to be “Number 1 in Care” – one of the measures of this goal is customer satisfaction. In July this year we implemented our first annual customer satisfaction survey with the objective of improving this experience.

Thank you to the many customers who took part in this survey, we appreciate the time you have taken to share your experience and recommendations for improvement.

Overall we found that our customers find Konekt to be fast, efficient and reliable. As you can see in Chart 1, the satisfaction level with individual products and services was also very high.

Key areas of opportunity for improvement exist in providing greater consistency in service levels and results between Konekt consultants and providing customers with more access to case information and reporting.

Konekt is committed to acting on the feedback you have provided to ensure that we are delivering the best service in the industry. Over the coming year you will see new initiatives from Konekt which are designed to address areas where you feel we could and should do better as an organisation.

The first of these initiatives, currently in the final stages of development, is the establishment of an internal customer service help desk. As you would appreciate the Konekt allied health professionals are responsible for managing a very diverse range of cases for many different customers who all have their own unique requirements and expectations. The purpose of the internal customer service help desk is to provide access for the consultants to the Konekt Service Managers in a systematic and efficient manner. The Konekt Service Managers are intimately familiar with the service level agreements for Konekt’s customers and will be able to address challenging questions or issues the consultants are facing.

By managing these queries through a centralised help desk function we will also be building a repository of frequently asked questions which will allow us to tackle reoccurring issues with training, system changes or other measures as required.

We hope you see the benefits of the implementation of the customer satisfaction program at Konekt and we look forward to receiving your feedback in our 2014 survey.

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