Real time immediate access to your data Introducing the Konekt Customer Portal

For many years the rehabilitation industry has struggled to provide accurate and timely data to stakeholders, in nearly all cases the information provided is heavily retrospective and is at least three months old. In many cases the length of time it takes to review, analyse and present the data can mean a lag of over six months from completion of work.

For the large part the provision of reports to customers has been a manual process where data is collected and analysed according to the individual requirements of the organisation. The manual nature of this reporting has precluded the inclusion of anything close to real-time reporting. By providing live performance data we hope to facilitate active management of cases and processes that can positively impact on the outcomes of the current portfolio.

Konekt’s proprietary software case management system, Konektiva®, allows for customers to directly access the information relating to their cases in real time including viewing and downloading case documents, RTW plans and medical certificates.

Utilising this platform, we have been developing a dashboard interface to provide our key customers access to real time reports. The dashboard will provide information which can be used to monitor performance of both closed and open cases against key performance metrics. The ability to drill down into referrer branch and claim data will be provided allowing you to work more collaboratively with the Konekt consultants and drive improved outcomes on cases.

Konekt canvassed a range of customers in late 2013 and received overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the value of this tool – particularly with respect to having a live national view, and providing local managers with access to view the performance of their portfolio.

Konekt is pleased to announce that the first wave of dashboards will be made available to a number of customers during this quarter with a view to broadening the access through the rest of this year.

Please contact your Konekt Relationship Manager for more information regarding availability.