Konekt New Employer Service model showing significantly improved outcomes

When Konekt identified the need for change in the delivery of new employer services last year it was felt that better results could be achieved by introducing a greater sense of urgency into the pace of the service and by finding a more effective way to identify employment opportunities for jobseekers.

Konekt has undertaken an ambitious overhaul of its new employer service offering which includes the development of a job database which forms an integral piece of the Konekt new employer service model (NES). This database is unique in the way it can capture and record job vacancies and match these vacancies to jobseekers skillsets aiding the Konekt Employment Engagement Officers in the job seeking service. This streamlined approach ensures Konekt will deliver superior results to our customers whilst setting us apart from alternative offerings.

Konekt’s new employer service delivery model utilises a bio-psychosocial framework to address barriers to return to work, educate injured workers in health literacy and self-management, enhance their skills for work and empower the injured worker through training and education. Whilst developing their job seeking skillset and assisting the progression of the case through to work placement or work trial.

On a national level, over the past three years Konekt has demonstrated its continued ability to secure return to work (RTW) outcomes for job seeking claimants – with the last quarter results since the introduction of the revised new employer services model we have seen uplift in the RTW rate of 45% which represents a significant shift.

Konekt recognised the need to challenge ‘traditional workplace rehabilitation’ for job seekers to secure RTW outcomes. The focus needs to be not only on a clear understanding of suitable employment and up-skilling injured workers to become independent job seekers, but also to act as a job brokerage to employers to enable job seekers access to a national employer database and skilled Employment Engagement Officers who will assist in breaking down the barriers faced for injured workers when attempting to re-enter the workforce and assisting them to secure roles within these organisations.

Konekt understands the importance of ensuring staff understanding, capabilities and competencies are at a level to deliver these complex cases. Konekt have been able to ensure staff’s competence and capability in the delivery of job placement services through appointment of a team of highly skilled employment engagement officers as well as a lead Employment Engagement Officer (EEO) to drive the nationally EEO team’s productivity and delivery of the
NES service model.

Konekt’s NES model ensures ongoing continuous improvement, high standards of service delivery, and the development of collaborative partnerships to deliver innovation and ensure delivery on commitment within the job seeking service.

Initial success over the past six months is shown in an increase of 30% in vocational assessments referred and cases being converted from job preparation services to job seeking services within NES. The number of employers willing to consider employing job ready candidates entered into Konekt’s New Employer Database since the NES introduction has risen to more than 400 which provides significant employment opportunities for candidates.

Follow this link for more information about Konekt’s New Employer Service¬†or speak to your local Konekt contact.