Konekt partners with Soldier On

Konekt are delighted to announce that they are entering into a significant sponsorship arrangement with Soldier On which will see us provide return to work services nationally for former returning Australian Defence Force members who are looking to secure new employment arrangements and successfully transition to the next phase of their life.

For some time Konekt has been looking for a charity which is aligned with our corporate values and where we can make a significant impact. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship where we can make a real difference.

About Soldier On

Founded in 2012, the organisation was inspired by the death of a friend. Michael Fussell was killed in an IED blast in Afghanistan in 2008 and his friend John Bale looked for a way to support those who survived the blast.

He quickly realised there was no easy or accessible way for members of the Defence forces, or the public, to show their support for those wounded in battle.

With his wife Danielle, they reached out to his fellow soldiers and enlisted the help of Cavin Wilson, who had been posted in Afghanistan, involved in returning soldiers killed or wounded in action. Together they decided it was time to start an organisation that connected these men and women to the wider public, ensuring these brave men and women could be cared for and lead fulfilling and successful lives.

Soldier On is about Australians coming together to show their support for our physically and psychologically wounded. We want to show the men and women of our Defence forces that we will always have their backs.

Thanks to the support of the Australian public, Soldier On work to enhance recovery, inspire communities and empower Australia’s wounded, giving those who have served our country the dignity they deserve and the chance to do and be whatever they choose.

Soldier On is independent of government and looks to build on the support offered by the Australian Defence Force (ADF)
and other government agencies by supporting all of Australia’s wounded, serving and ex-serving. We are funded by generous Australians and every dollar donated to the charity goes towards programs to help our wounded.

Soldier On wants to make sure our wounded are able to overcome the obstacles caused by their injuries; enjoy happy, fulfilling lives; and feel proud for the sacrifices they have made.

They also serve as the link between wounded Australians and their communities, allowing people from all walks of life to support our wounded men and women and help them succeed in their rehabilitation and beyond.

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