Improving customer satisfaction

We have been listening to you
Improving customer satisfaction is core to our strategy of being Number 1 in Care. We have been working hard over the past 12 months based on feedback provided in our inaugural customer satisfaction survey; I am pleased to say that we are seeing results.

We recently ran the 2014 annual customer satisfaction survey. Thank you to the many customers who took part in this survey; we appreciate the time you have taken to share your experience and recommendations for improvement.


Konekt uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) our overall measurement tool for customer satisfaction and we were delighted to see an 8 point improvement in our NPS which is significant.

As you can see from chart one, we have seen up upwards shift in satisfaction across all product and service categories.

Overall customers report that Konekt understands their business and is providing fast, efficient and reliable service. However, everything is not yet perfect. Areas for improvement include reducing reporting errors, providing of more consistent service levels, and better mentoring of new and junior consultants.

Konekt is currently undertaking the largest scale business optimisation project in the company’s history. The objectives of the project are to improve the service we provide to you by looking at productivity, induction and mentoring, and product design.

We trust you will see the benefits of this project in your interactions with Konekt over the coming year and beyond.

Damian Banks, CEO.