Improving productivity

ready set konekt

As part of our ongoing efforts to drive improvement throughout the business we have introduced a new staff induction program called Ready, Set, Konekt.

Introducing new consultants into the business and bringing them up to speed on the diverse requirements of our customers, our systems and processes and work style – while maintaining high quality service – is an ongoing challenge.

Ready, Set, Konekt is an accelerated learning program designed to assist and develop our new starters so they can obtain the knowledge they need to complete their roles in an efficient and comprehensive manner while being fully supported at multiple levels throughout the organisation.

The Ready, Set, Konekt program utilises a number of online platforms, different educational mediums and a tiered support structure with the overall objective of reducing the time to productivity for consultants by more than 65%.

In developing the program we sought feedback from staff and looked to best practice across a number of industries. At the core of the program are a number of high quality videos which simulate common assessments and tasks providing new consultants with a live demonstration of Konekt standards, expectations and procedures for a range of assessments.

These videos are used in conjunction with learning modules, observations, reading resources and intensive support from internal experts.

During the initial period of structured learning new consultants are not required to manage a full case load with the objective of ensuring that the new starter receives the necessary foundation knowledge and delivers the best quality service.

  • The program was launched on 1 October and feedback has been positive, with employees indicating that:
  • They enjoy the variety of learning modalities, and feel that this gives them a comprehensive learning experience
  • That they feel supported and valued from day one, seeing how organised and ready we are for them to commence, with all the right resources available
  • Satisfied in the role as they are able to add value to the organisation in a short space of time

We are excited to have introduced this innovative induction program which is up to date with best practice learning. Ultimately we hope that you – our customers – also reap the benefits of this great new program reflected in high quality service and outcomes in a timely fashion.