Konekt introduces Lead Consultants

Konekt introduces Lead Consultants

An initiative to drive and develop excellence

Konekt has recently created four new Lead Consultant roles with the objective of creating domain experts for Konekt’s key discipline areas – occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology and employment placement.

The consultants who hold these roles will be the voice of their profession within Konekt. They will be responsible for facilitating information sharing and driving best practice for consultants across Konekt.

The intention is that the creation of these roles will foster better information sharing, create an environment where challenging cases can be discussed and will ultimately drive best practice. It is our hope and belief that this will create a more enjoyable and rewarding working environment and will benefit our customers.

The Lead Consultants appointed to these roles are experienced professionals who are recognised as having leadership characteristics.

The Lead Consultants continue their hands-on consulting roles but with additional time devoted to enhancing professional networks, promoting continuous education, focusing on ways to improve performance, resource development and information sharing. Strategic case reviews are undertaken regularly to ensure optimal management of our return to work files is occurring.

Meet the Lead Consultants


Donna Hextell, Lead Occupational Therapist

Donna has been with Konekt for more than four years working in our Central Coast, NSW office. She has worked in occupational rehabilitation continuously for 20 years. Prior to that, she worked in clinical rehabilitation and acute care settings. Donna specialises in functional capacity evaluation, workplace assessment and the negotiation of suitable duties to enable prompt return to productivity and the workplace. She is also well versed in activities of daily living assessments, and has experience in major injury case management. Donna is also one of our leading pre-employment assessors.


Daniela Zugaro, Lead Physiotherapist

Daniela has worked in Occupational Rehabilitation for seven years, with the last three being at Konekt in our Melbourne office. Prior to this, she worked in various clinical settings including private practice, assisting sporting teams, outpatient rehabilitation, hydrotherapy and inpatient settings. Daniela has held the role of life insurance specialist within Konekt and is widely experienced in injury management and return to work programs across various national jurisdictions.

Angela Hoang, Lead Psychologist


Angela has been with Konekt for two years and is currently located in our Wollongong, NSW office. Prior to joining Konekt, Angela was employed as an injury management advisor with the NSW Department of Education and has had over six years of experience working in workplace rehabilitation services. Angela is experienced in managing complex psychological injuries and return to work claims, completing vocational assessments and new employer services, and has an in-depth understanding of workers compensation legislation. Angela is a registered psychologist with qualifications in work, health and safetyand human resources.

Bas Birch, Lead, Konekt Employ™

Bas joined Konekt earlier this year to lead the return to work, new employer job seeking arm of our business – Konekt Employ™. Konekt Employ™ focuses on securing suitable employment for injured individuals who are unable to return to their original employer. The team is comprised of a number of Employment Engagement Officers located throughout the country. Bas has a career history that spans 16 years of working globally within the recruitment industry. Prior to joining Konekt, Bas was the National Client Relationship Manager for Westpac Banking Corporation and prior to that ran the National Internship Division at Navitas. Bas specialises in managing recruitment teams, driving productivity, business development and relationship management with external customers.