Konekt JobScreen™ trend reports

The introduction of Konekt JobScreen™ in 2013 has not only streamlined the pre-employment assessment process to provide faster assessment turnaround and reporting of results, it has also allowed Konekt to provide customers with greater insight into the health and risk factors for their incoming workforce.

Historically the purpose of a pre-employment assessment has been to determine the suitability of a candidate for a role based on the physical requirements of that role. While this remains the primary purpose of the pre-employment assessment, the introduction of Konekt JobScreen™ has meant that we are now able to provide our customers with a holistic view of their incoming workforce health and risk profile. Additionally the company specific data can be reported against Konekt normative data which highlights areas of specific concern.


This information can be used to help shape your WHS program to further reduce injury risk. The graph opposite provides an indication of reportable data available.

Konekt JobScreen™ provides a range of five flexible service packages with either an allied health professional or doctor sign-off, and enables you to add on additional services such as audiometry, instant drug and alcohol screening and spirometry.


If you are interested in learning how your organisation can use Konekt JobScreen™ contact Konekt at sales@konekt.com.au or speak to your local branch.