Onsite worker health check

Understand employee health risks. Improve their wellbeing.

There are many lifestyle and work related factors that can contribute to ill health and disease.

Konekt’s onsite worker health check provides a multi-point assessment to:

  • help employees understand their current health status
  • help employers understand the health risks across their workforce demographic.

What’s included in an onsite worker health check?

The assessment focuses on the lifestyle risk factors that can be influenced to assist in maintaining overall health and wellbeing. Included in the assessment are:

  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Blood Lipid Check
  • Body Mass Index and Wait to Hip Ratio
  • Physical Activity Evaluation
  • Smoking Risk Assessment
  • Diabetes Risk Assessment

Health risk profile

Employees receive a risk profile that can be used to track their health status should the assessment be repeated at a later stage.

Where a high risk is identified a referral to a general practitioner is provided with the participant profile at the time of assessment.

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