Employee health and wellness seminars for your staff

Konekt delivers a range of seminars targeting current trends or topical issues related to staff and employee health and wellness. Our most commonly requested events are:

  • Bullying and harassment employee seminars
  • Stress Management employee seminars
  • Health and wellness employee seminars

Workplace bullying and harassment seminars

Bullying and harassment in the workplace is something that many employers and workers face. Bullying and harassment can be prevented through training and education, early recognition of warning signs and early intervention which is often aligned with company policy or procedures.

Konekt offer a seminar in workplace bullying and harassment which covers the following:

  • What is bullying and harassment?
  • Who can a bully be and where bullying can occur?
  • Definitions of harassment and workplace violence
  • Consequences of bullying and harassment
  • Bullying and harassment and the law
  • Risk management
  • Employee Assistance Program

Workplace stress management seminars

Stress in the workplace is a common and costly problem that can arise from both work and non-work related pressures. In fact, there are more stress related workers compensation claims than ever before and interventions range from organisational to individual based approaches.

Konekt offer a seminar in stress management that aims to heighten awareness and improve understanding through covering the following:

  • Outcomes of occupational stress
  • Sources of stress in the workplace
  • Identifying a stressed worker
  • Managing stress in the workplace

Employee health and wellness seminars

Konekt offer a range of one hour seminars promoting the health and wellness of employees. These can be integrated into a more holistic health and well being program or used to address a particular occupational risk.

Health and wellness seminar topics include:

  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Work Life Balance
  • Nutrition
  • Diabetes
  • Back Care in the Workplace

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