Injury Adjustment Counselling

Rehabilitation programs for employees injured in the workplace

Konekt’s Injury Adjustment Counselling is designed to overcome the most frequently encountered psychological barriers in achieving a return to work outcome. The programs look issues and are designed to complement a return to work plan, not interfere with it.

The five Injury Adjustment Counselling modules available are:

    • Understanding and managing emotions – anxiety and stress
    • Understanding my pain
    • Adjustment to change
    • Depression and chronic pain
    • Thinking and coping styles

Each Injury Adjustment Counselling module consists of five 60-90 minute one-on-one educational sessions with a Konekt registered psychologist. During these sessions the participant and the Konekt registered psychologist will discuss the barriers to returning to work, identify triggers for undesirable behaviour/responses and together will develop a personal action plan incorporating coping strategies. The Injury Adjustment Counselling personal action plans can be made available to the treating medical practitioner so they can be incorporated in treatment plans. The ultimate objective of participation in Injury Adjustment Counselling is to achieve an upgrade in capacity to work with a sustainable return to work being the ultimate goal.

Understanding and managing emotions – anxiety and stress

Many people struggle to manage their emotions, anxiety and stress, this can be compounded in cases where people are also overcoming a physical illness, injury or are experiencing pain. Konekt’s Understanding and Managing Emotions, Anxiety and Stress module provide participants with a detailed understanding of the triggers for their feelings and practical coping strategies.

Understanding my pain

This program is designed to increase a participant’s awareness and understanding of the physiological process of their pain and the role they can play in aiding healing. Areas addressed include pathophysiologic responses to injury, the biopsychosocial model of chronic pain, and strategies individuals can engage to interrupt these pain cycles by taking initiative and control.

Adjustment to change

The purpose of this program is to assist the participant cope and adjust when they are facing considerable change. Topics discussed include Stages of change, effects of change, adjusting to changes in health and coping styles.

Depression and chronic pain

During this program the individual will be educated about the role depression and chronic pain play in the recovery from injury and how they can better manage the effects.

Thinking and coping styles

During this program participants will evaluate how their thinking style impacts their feelings and behaviours and how this affects their ability to manage pain. Individuals will focus on identifying negative distortions in their thoughts and learn how to construct more realistic alternative responses.

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