Single assessment services

Return to work (RTW) single assessment services for injured employees

In some employee injury cases, employers or insurance companies don’t require our entire range of return to work provider services.

So Konekt provide the following individual services to fit each organisation and case need.

Early intervention – return to work sooner

Early intervention is considered to be the most effective strategy in improving RTW rates and reducing workers’ compensation expenses.

Konekt’s Early Intervention services

To best help injured and ill employees, our early intervention services:

  • actively promote an early and sustainable return to work (RTW)
  • cater for physical and psychological illness or conditions.

The most qualified RTW health consultants

Assessments are carried out by appropriately the most qualified consultant,

Initial assessment conduct at the workplace

In return to work assessments, Konekt looks to address the total needs of the client and not just their injury. The Initial Assessment, held in the workplace focuses on:

  • barriers to returning to work
  • recommending further specific assessments
  • solutions that will address each barrier to RTW.

RTW consultancy checks

Konekt consultants assess the injury status, causative factors, diagnosis and treatment regime, available suitable duties and work environment.

RTW duties plan

Consultants also look at the best possible plan for an early and sustainable return to work (RTW) by puting into effect an RTW suitable duties plan within 72 hours of referral*.

* ’72 hours’ refers to three business days.

Return to work early intervention brochure download

Konekt Early Intervention Services

Worksite assessment for RTW

This detailed assessment is very beneficial if the injured employee can perform some duties. Conducted on-site with the employer and employee, it looks to:

  • identify suitable work duties
  • create a staged suitable duties plan.

Areas covered include:

  • demands of the role
  • capacity
  • employee ability
  • identification of OH&S risks for the employee.

Where necessary, Konekt organise for a treating medical practitioner to be present and sign-off.

Functional assessment of employee for RTW

This looks into the functional and earning capacity of the injured employee. Konekt RTW consultants use standardised and non-standardised tests to:

  • measure functional capacity
  • compare the results to standardised normative data
  • make recommendations on employees functional capacity and possible restrictions
  • recommend suitable roles and duties for the injured employee.

Doctor case conference with return to work employee

Designed to speed up the injured employees return to work. This service sees the worker present any new information to the doctor.

It allows us to review and overcome barriers, see how the case is proceeding against the plan, and, if needed, update the agreed plan.

Vocational assessment of RTW employee

Used if an employee can’t return to work on their previous role. Vocational assessments help:

  • determine the most appropriate employment options
  • take into consideration the workers restrictions, functional limitation, work capacity, education, work history, interests and the employment landscape.

Home help activities of daily living

Designed to promote independent living for injured individuals. A Konekt occupational therapist will:

  • assess how an injured individual is operating in their home environment
  • determine if modifications or education are required to facilitate the return to independence in performing daily tasks.

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