Tail claims management

Long-term post injury and illness claim solutions

Managing long-term tail claims by employees who are injured or ill can be complex.

These claims are challenging and often involve a permanent level of impairment, a secondary illness or condition, significant physical de-conditioning, and out-dated vocational skills.

Konekt can help.

Our four stage tail claims RTW management strategy

We use a tails claim and return to work management model underpinned by the following key principles:

  • a strong project management discipline
  • regular stakeholder communication
  • the use of a research based case profiling tool
  • a multidisciplinary initial assessment
  • a strategy meeting with the injured worker, and claims agent
  • a suite of tailored interventions to address the identified barriers to the injured worker  returning to work

Rewarding the road to RTW

Our program is designed to promote and reward employment outcomes. It avoids adding extra layers to the already extensive list of interventions that have often been prescribed for these claims.

The Konekt program has four stages:

Stage One: Identify return to work influencers

A research based profiling tool is used to assess the presence of ‘flags’ and other factors influencing the return to work.

Stage Two: Target return to work barriers

A comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment ensures that interventions recommended specifically target the barriers to returning to work.

Stage Three: Discuss assessment findings

A meeting with the injured worker and claims agent is conducted in person to discuss assessment findings, and ensure mutually agreeable recommendations and clear strategies are in place.

The meeting also provides an opportunity to engage the stakeholders and establish clear goals and expectations.

Stage Four: Tailor a tails claim program

Konekt offer a suite of services that can be customised to align with an agreed strategy and address the barriers to return to work. Tailored intervention is absolutely critical in achieving against the agreed goals for the injured worker.

The interventions may run concurrently or independent of each other, progress is continuously monitored, and there is regular communication back to the key stakeholders.

What’s included in a long-term tails claim program?

Services provided within the tail claims program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Vocational Assessment
  • Skills4Work
  • Labour Market Analysis
  • Work Trials
  • Job Placement & Post Placement Support
  • Functional Restoration
  • Cognitive Restoration
  • Medical Case Conference
  • Functional Assessment

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