Ergonomic Design and Review

In addition to Konekt’s offering of individual Ergonomic Assessments and Ergonomic Training, our Prevention Services Team can assist your organisation with design of new workspaces or review of existing workspaces through its Ergonomic Design and Review Consultation services, allowing organisations to enhance safety, efficiency, productivity and comfort by eliminating hazards in the design stage.


What is Ergonomic Design and Review?

Konekt’s Ergonomic Design and Review services involve assessment and consultation by a tertiary-qualified Ergonomist. The service provides clients with recommendations to eliminate hazards in the design phase of workplace construction, renovation, or environmental changes. Clients are provided with a thorough assessment of the work environment including a review of floor plans, onsite visit (where required) and consultation with architects. A detailed report outlining design recommendations aimed at injury prevention and work efficiency and productivity is also provided.


The Benefits:

  • Ensures that workplaces are designed with the staff members and work tasks in mind, thereby promoting staff safety, efficiency, productivity and comfort.
  • Ensures that organisations are meeting legislative requirements to provide a safe working environment for their workers.
  • Eliminates hazards in the design phase rather than dealing with ergonomic concerns reactively which can be costly and time consuming.


Like to know more about Konekt’s Ergonomic Design and Review Services?


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