Workplace health and safety inspections

Workplace health and safety site inspections involve an on-site review designed to identify and assess on-site risks and general compliance of the workplace within the obligations under the relevant WHS Legislation and published guidance material (for example, AS 1657 – fixed platforms walkways, stairways and ladders, and the Building Code of Australia).

Konekt’s WHS inspection services are performed using a checklist of verifiable criteria to demonstrate compliance in hazard management. Konekt are able to conduct inspections that cover a broad range of workplaces and associated environments as well as undertaking specific risk assessments for high risk areas (such as; slips, trips and falls, ergonomics, manual handling, traffic management).

Konekt’s WHS inspection services provide risk ratings of identified risks to allow efficient transfer of the report recommendations to a practical action plan for use by the organisation. Such inspections can be provided as a “one-off” service to identify deficiencies in workplaces or as an ongoing inspection service to provide a regular external and independent review of the workplace.