Konekt is all about partnerships. It’s about coming together and working together. Connecting internally and connecting with our clients and customers, creating sustainable positive change. We deliver this change through multiple business units, all working toward the common purpose of maximising workforce participation and productivity. We strive to make a real difference to Australian workplaces which makes Konekt one of kind within Australia.

We are based in close to 140 locations across Australia with over 800 staff nationally.  With over 26 years’ experience and helping more than 30,000 people every year, we effectively mitigate barriers to employment participation.

We help individuals find employment, and organisations return current employees to work at either their same employer, or a new employer where needed. We prevent and minimise workplace injuries and their impact.  We help organisations to create  psychologically safe and healthy workplaces.  We deliver support services to participants of the NDIS.  Our purpose of maximising workforce participation and safety allows our staff and stakeholders to reduce social and employment costs – creating a stronger community.


Konekt Workcare

Konekt Workcare is Australia's largest private sector provider of organisational health and risk management solutions.  With over 26 years’ experience, and with 400+ allied health professionals, we are proud of our history in providing w​orkplace rehabilitation, return to work and injury prevention services to employers, insurers and Government.


Staff Testimonials

As we serve a broad range of clients, we employ people with a broad range of skills, background and experience.

Principal Consultant Psychologist, Communicorp

Working with Communicorp allowed me to be involved in work that truly makes a difference - for individuals, teams and organisations. I have worked with a wide range of organisations and supported them to become psychologically safe and healthy workplaces, while also having the honour of working with a team of highly talented professionals.