Return to Work Injury Management

RTW injury management, rehabilitation and consultancy services

Konekt provide return to work (RTW) injury management and return to work rehabilitation services for employers to best help their employees make an early and safe return to work – or secure new employment – in the unfortunate event of staff injury or illness.

These include specialist assessments, checks, tests, reports, programs and consultancy.

Return to work, same employer

Everything you and your returning employee need, from same day referrals and medical assessments to injury management, rehab and RTW programs.
Single assessment services

If an injured employee is unable to continue working with your organisation we can assess, train and help them to secure a new job.
Income protection, return to work service

For those employers or insurance companies that only need one return to work service for injured employees, including home help activities.
Tail claims management

Specialist programs designed to unravel the complexities of long term post injury claims remove barriers to returning to employment.
Cognitive and functional restoration

Physical and psychological rehabilitation programs to help employees return to work sooner – and reduce your mounting costs.
Return to work, new employer

We manage everything from income protection assessments and rehabilitation to total and permanent disability assessments.