Return to work, new employer

Helping your injured employee find a new job

It is not always possible for employees to return to work (RTW) with their pre-injury employer. In these cases, Konekt can offer its New Employer Service, KonektEmploy, a specialised redeployment program that assists injured employees to secure new employment.

Australia’s return to work, new employer experts

Over the past 10 years Konekt has successfully returned thousands of individuals to the workforce. Over this time we’ve learnt what works. And what doesn’t. Konekt’s New Employer Services draws on this knowledge to provide you with the best opportunity to secure new employment for your injured employees.

Workplace injuries are costly for everyone

When an injured employee is unable to return to their pre-injury employment the stress on the organisation and workforce can be significant and upwards pressure may be applied to workers compensation premiums.

For the injured individual, being able to work can be a crucial part of their rehabilitation.

Return to work, new employer services

To help injured employees return to the workforce – and minimise the impact of unemployment – we’ve developed a series of one-on-one and group programs to identify capabilities and develop skills for the injured employee.

KonektEmploy includes:

Injured worker vocational assessments

If it is determined that the employee is unable to fulfil the requirement of their pre-injury position, a return to work vocational assessment can be conducted to determine the most appropriate employment options taking into consideration the:

  • workers restrictions
  • functional limitation
  • work capacity
  • education and interests
  • employment landscape.

Skills4work training to return to work

The Skills4Work training is designed to prepare the RTW participants for job seeking. During this training program they undertake modules that will arm them with the necessary skills to begin job seeking. The program modules are:

1. Program overview

2. Resume preparation

3. Cover letter preparation

4. WorkCover NSW and VIC incentives (if applicable)

5. Telephone canvassing

6. Locating available vacancies and completing applications

7. Interview skills

All individuals going through this program will undertake a mock interview, skills competency assessment and be provided with constructive feedback.

Konekt will provide you with detailed documentation about the progress of your employee and the training outcomes.

Job seeking and placement services

During the Job Seeking Assistance phase the participants work closely with a Konekt consultant who will guide them through the process. Participants are coached in job seeking strategies and job application preparation.

Finding work for an injured employee with a new employer

The Konekt consultant will proactively seek employment opportunities for individuals enrolled in the job seeking assistance program.

This is done by matching the skills and interests of the candidate with job vacancies in the Konekt employer database. Konekt will also proactively seek employment opportunities with targeted employers.

Better results for you and your injured employee

The KonektEmploy database is a unique resource which assists Konekt in identifying appropriate employment opportunities nationally and allows us to better manage the overall job seeking process. This means, better results for you.

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