Return to work, same employer

RTW injury management and rehabilitation services

Konekt provide employers a range of services to help injured employees to return to work in their pre-injury position, or another role with alternative duties.

These include rehabilitation and medical referrals, assessments, injury/case management and RTW consultancy and programs.

Referral triage

Konekt provides immediate allocation of rehabilitation services (within four hours of receipt of referral*) to the most appropriate Konekt branch for allocation to a consultant.

Choosing the right occupational rehabilitation provider

Konekt are focused on ensuring that the best consultant is allocated the right referral for the right service.

Our referral triage profiles the case according to a number of case characteristics and allocates to an appropriately qualified and experienced consultant through an efficient automated system.

This is performed on the same day of referral and always within 24 hours of receipt of referral.*

Early intervention initial assessment

Early intervention is considered to be the most effective strategy to improve RTW rates and reducing workers’ compensation expenses.

How do Konekt rehab providers approach RTW assessments?

Konekt’s Early Intervention Initial Assessment caters for physical and psychological illness or conditions. An appropriately qualified consultant – depending on the nature of illness or condition – will conduct the initial assessment at the workplace.

Konekt adopts a holistic approach to conducting the initial assessment. This means:

  • the strategies we use achieve a return to work address the total needs of the client and not just their injury.
  • determining the barriers to achieving a RTW
  • recommending further specific assessments
  • targeted interventions to address each barrier.

What do Konekt rehab provider assess?

In consultation with the employer and injured employee, the Konekt consultant will assess:

  • the injury status
  • causative factors
  • diagnosis and treatment regime
  • available suitable duties
  • work environment.

They will also actively promote an early and sustainable return to work (RTW) for injured or ill employees by ensuring that a RTW suitable duties plan is in place within 72 hours of referral+.

+ ’72 hours’ refers to three business days

Workplace return to work assessment

The Workplace Assessment identifies suitable employment opportunities, measuring risks and matching the abilities of the injured worker to the workplace.

Workplace assessment services are:

  • suitable where the injured employee has the capacity to perform some duties.
  • conducted on-site with the employer and employee
  • designed to identify suitable work duties and create a staged RTW Suitable Duties Plan.
  • a detailed look at the work environment, demands of the role, capacity, employee ability and the identification of OH&S risks for the returning injured employee.

Where necessary, Konekt will arrange for a doctor to be involved for sign-off.

Functional return to work assessment

This  is a point-in-time assessment used to determine the functional and earning capacity of the injured employee.

A variety of tests are undertaken that measure functional capacity comparing the results to standardised normative data.

The Konekt consultant uses this data to make recommendations regarding:

  • the employees functional capacity
  • possible restrictions
  • suitable roles and duties for the injured employee.

Injury management / case management

Throughout the case management process, injured employees are helped to achieve early recovery and a sustainable return to work.

Our role in RTW case management

Konekt fosters strong communication between employee and employer through the setting of agreed goals, actions and communication checkpoints. This forms the basis for the ongoing case management.

Konekt case management providers help:

  • identify any barriers to the return to work process
  • ensure clear goal setting and planning occurs with all stakeholders
  • put strategies in place to overcome barriers
  • reach a safe and durable RTW outcome for every injured employee.

Development of return to work suitable duties plans / graded RTW programs

Konekt consultants use Return to Work (RTW) Suitable Duties Plans as a strategic tool. We take a proactive approach to collaborating with all parties in order to achieve a successful RTW outcome.

The role of Konekt RTW consultancy

Consultants develop staged RTW Suitable Duties Plans to help injured employees return to suitable employment.

The RTW goal is clearly stated and communicated with a documented end date. The plans are:

  • aligned with current medical certificates at all times
  • used as an education tool for treating medical practitioners
  • used as a negotiation tool to drive upgrades in duties and/or hours.

Doctor RTW case conferencing

This service is designed to progress an injured employees return to work by:

  • bringing together the doctor and injured worker
  • presenting any new information to the doctor
  • reviewing barriers to RTW
  • developing strategies for overcoming those barriers
  • progressing the case according to the agreed plan
  • updating the RTW agreed plan, where needed.

Functional restoration programs

Konekt’s Functional Restoration Program is used to:

  • facilitate an improvement in a person’s physical condition and functional ability,
  • promote an upgrade in medical capacity in the case where it is impacting on return to work.

What’s involved in RTW functional restoration programs?
Konekt provides an individually prescribed, work-orientated program where the injured worker completes actual or simulated work tasks that are structured and graded to increase:

  • physical tolerance
  • endurance
  • productivity

With the goal of remaining at work or returning to sustainable work.

* Konekt operates Monday – Friday, referrals received over the weekend will be allocated on the following Monday.

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