Complaint process

Konekt complaint handling process

Konekt has implemented the following processes to ensure that any concerns, complaints, or grievances about the administration and/or delivery of the HSR courses are managed fairly, efficiently, and effectively.

Konekt resolves to handle all concerns, complaints, and grievances professionally and confidentially to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

In the first instance, we would encourage any participants who have a concern or complaint to follow these processes with a view to resolving the matter.


  • Concern or complaint – Where a participant gives negative feedback about any aspect of the service received from Konekt
  • Grievance – When a participant believes he or she has been treated unfairly or differently by other participants or by Konekt staff

While Konekt is committed to delivering training services which go beyond client expectations, it is recognised that there may be occasions when participants are dissatisfied with the services provided and wish to lodge a complaint.

Konekt has developed a complaint handling process, which is based on the National Complaints Code – National Code of Good Practice for Responding to Complaints about Vocational Education and Training Quality.

Our process aims to be:

  • Fair – Each participant has the right to be heard and to an impartial decision
  • Accessible – The complaints handling process is readily accessible to participants
  • Visible – The complaints handling process is well publicised to staff and participants
  • Comprehensive – Each genuine complaint will be taken seriously
  • Responsive – Complaints are responded to in a timely manner
  • Accountable – Appropriate monitoring and reporting of complaints received, and the actions taken
  • Constructive – Appropriate preventative and corrective action will be taken

If you are unhappy with a service that we have provided, please let us know as soon as possible for us to resolve the problem quickly and to the satisfaction of all parties.

You can notify your complaint to us either via:

  • Phone: 1300 723 375
  • Email:
  • Post: Level 1, Suite 1.02, 54 Marcus Clarke St, Canberra ACT 2601

Once your complaint is received, we will:

  • Contact you (if the complaint is submitted by mail, email, or website) to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence and to clarify any issues. We will listen to and respect your complaint and acknowledge your concerns
  • Investigate the complaint, by speaking to relevant staff, checking agreements and contracts, or by reviewing invoices or other documentation, as appropriate
  • Respond to the complaint promptly once it has been fully investigated, and offer options to ameliorate the concerns raised
  • If an error has been made, we will openly acknowledge this fact and the rectify the mistake as soon as possible.

If a course participant has a grievance or complaint, their first point of contact is the Trainer or Training Coordinator for that course.

If the Trainer/Training Coordinator is unable to settle the grievance or complaint, they will notify the National Quality Manager.

Konekt encourages all parties to approach concerns and complaints with an open view and to attempt to resolve problems through discussion and conciliation.

Where a resolution cannot be achieved through discussion and conciliation, Konekt acknowledges the need for an appropriate external and independent agent to mediate between the parties.

Konekt ensures that complaints and grievances are fully documented and that clients are given a written statement of outcomes.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the concern or complaint process, you should contact:

Comcare (Commonwealth jurisdiction)

P: 1300 366 979

GPO Box 9905,
Canberra, ACT 2601

WorkSafe ACT (ACT jurisdiction)

P: (02) 6207 3000

GPO Box 158,
Canberra, ACT 2601

All complaints will be recorded in Konekt’s online register of complaints, together with details of the action undertaken and timeframes for action.