Konekt Quality Policy

Konekt’s Quality Policy supports the overall aims of the business whilst ensuring that quality is at the heart of everything that we do. In summary, this is to ensure that Konekt maintains high quality standards to drive improvements in business processes and systems that align with:

Driven by top management and the National Quality Manager through to all Konekt Management and Support Staff, Konekt ensures that the Quality Policy is communicated and understood by all staff.

The Quality Policy is implemented throughout the company via multiple channels, including induction, training, and review mechanisms, and monitored and evaluated against the key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets specified within the Konekt Workbench and Report Interface (internal dashboards providing live updates of branch KPIs).

Assurance of quality and integrity within Konekt are the responsibility of:

Konekt’s Quality Policy is the responsibility of Konekt top management and is reviewed for continuing suitability through periodic evaluations and reviews. Further, this Quality Policy is supported by Konekt’s Quality Objectives.