We look at the big picture

A quick return to work doesn’t mean quick fixes

At Konekt, we take a long term approach to build sustainable and equitable workforces.

This means integrated workplace health solutions for the entire employee lifecycle.

It’s about taking a holistic approach to your organisation to help you maintain a safe and productive workforce and provide tighter control of your workers’ compensation costs.

Whether that’s helping you be better prepared for a new employee with a pre-employment medical and ergonomic assessment, ensuring a return to work plan sets employees up to thrive with their needs and interests at heart, or providing social and disability assessments and interventions to help people build independence and live their best lives.

From injury prevention and worker redeployment, to workplace health services, consultancy and systems, our team of allied health professionals work with thousands of employers across Australia to build healthy workplaces, prevent workplace injuries and, ultimately, keep Australians safe and productive at work.

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