Pre-employment assessments

Konekt’s pre-employment assessment services are designed to ensure prospective employees can perform their jobs safely without placing co-workers, themselves or others at risk.

Our pre-employment assessments are delivered by a team of allied health professionals across Australia.

Build a better business with the right employees

Our pre-employment assessment services are designed to ensure your potential new employee can perform their jobs safely without placing themselves, your team, or others, at risk.

Delivered by our team of allied health professionals across Australia, our assessments offer much more than suitability for a specific role.

They can also improve your businesses efficiency, increase performance and employee retention, and reduce the costs of recruitment.

The Konekt difference

No matter what pre-employment assessment you choose, you will have access to our online customer portal.

Key features include:

  • 24/7 online access with no user limit
  • The ability to refer a candidate at any time and select a pre-employment medical appointment at one of our Konekt branches
  • The ability to monitor a candidate’s progress in real time and retrieve pre-employment results

Our pre-employment assessments are available nation-wide

How we deliver pre-employment assessments

Businesses, job roles and working environments are diverse.

That’s why we tailor our pre-employment assessments to ensure they’re the best fit for your employees and business.

Which pre-employment assessment suits your needs?

Type of assessmentFeaturesIn-personVirtual
JobScreen Rapid– Risk rated medical questionnaire
– Tailored questions based on responses
– Automatically generates report at completion of questionnaire
Functional testing– Assesses all aspects of the candidate’s physical ability to perform work safely
– Tailored to suit job descriptions which can include upper/lower limb, dexterity, cardiovascular performance, manual handling and postural tolerance
– Provides solution-based recommendations
– Also available with doctor sign-off
Base check– Consists of medical questionnaire, modified functional testing and vision acuity testing
Comprehensive medical– Consists of medical questionnaire, modified functional testing, vision acuity, audiometry and spirometry testing
Spirometry testing– Provides evaluation of a candidate’s lung function prior to employment
Drug and alcohol testing– Provides instant drug and alcohol testing to the AS/NZS 4308:2008 standard
Vision acuity testing– Evaluates candidate’s far and near vision, strength of vision, colour blindness and other sight issues
– Provides recommendations of appropriate corrective devices
Audiometry testing– Measures candidate’s hearing ability

Additional pre-employment assessments

Online pre-employment assessment

Online assessment to help evaluate a potential candidate’s health risks before recruitment.

Mineral mine and quarry medicals

Respiratory health assessments for mineral mine and quarry workers.

PNG Visa medical

Medical assessments for PNG travellers to confirm good health and character.

Commercial drivers medical

Medical assessments to confirm good vision, physical ability and cognitive capacity for commercial drivers.

Rail category medical

Medical assessments for workers who perform rail safety work, in line with the procedures contained in the national standard for health assessment of rail safety workers.

Crystalline silica medical

Medical monitoring or surveillance of workers to identify health effects related to respirable crystalline silica exposure.

Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme

Assessments used to determine fitness for work, and to provide early diagnosis and intervention for respiratory diseases like coal mine workers’ pneumoconiosis and silicosis.

Health surveillance

Health surveillance services for a range of substances including crystalline silica, isocyanates, lead and asbestos where there is a potential risk to workers’ health.

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