4 advantages of using Konekt pre-employment assessments

No one wants to create or work in an unsafe workplace.

Bringing a new person into your team that’s an ‘unknown entity’ puts co-workers, themselves, and others at risk.

That’s why pre-employment assessments are essential for everyone.

Not only will they ensure someone is suitable for the role, but pre-employment assessments will also ultimately improve your organisation’s efficiency and performance.

Furthermore, they reduce employment costs and create a workplace where people feel safe and want to stay.

Allied health professionals are the best people to deliver these assessments.

And we have a huge team of experienced and qualified people all over Australia who can help.

Together we can provide pre-employment assessment services with four main advantages.

What is a pre-employment assessment?

The health of your employees is an essential pillar of your business’ success and productivity.

Pre-employment medical assessments are a tool used to screen individuals for any risk factors which might limit their ability to perform a job safely and effectively.

A pre-employment assessment can comprise of an online medical questionnaire, face-to-face functional assessment, doctor medical, legislative medicals and a range of additional assessment options tailored to the inherent requirements of the client.

A pre-employment assessment should provide organisations clear, objective, appropriate evidence of an individual’s ability to complete the inherent requirements of a role.

A pre-employment medical could include the following components:

  • Comprehensive medical questionnaire – the functional of these questions is to determine the candidates medical and physical health.
  • Physiological review – including biometrics, blood pressure, heart rate, body weight, and any pre-existing conditions.
  • Functional assessment – can be asked to perform several physical tasks to determine a candidate’s physical ability. These assessments include a range of motion analysis, joint integrity, strength and balance assessments, flexibility and endurance analysis, postural tolerance and manual handling assessment. These tests can be tailored to determine the candidate’s ability to perform the inherent requirement of a specific role.
  • Medical assessment – performed by a doctor and can include skin and ENT assessment, cardiovascular check, lung and kidney assessment, urinalysis, and gastrointestinal assessment.
  • Other testing that can be covered in a pre-employment assessment are lung function assessment (spirometry), hearing assessment (audiometry), vision acuity and instant drug and alcohol screening.

Why you should consider them

Thinking about how an assessment could be beneficial for your business or an employee?

Here’s four reasons why you should consider a Konekt Pre-Employment Assessment:

1. 24/7 access to the JobScreen portal

The JobScreen portal is Konekt’s online pre-employment platform which is customised for each customer’s specific needs.

You can refer candidates for pre-employment assessments, track their progress and status in real time as they complete their required assessments and retrieve the results.

From the beginning, you have oversight of all candidate progress and their medical needs.

The portal enables you to add multiple users, along with customising roles, locations, and testing criteria.

You’ll have access to see all emerging trends and analytics, with all your data stored and managed in secure storage.

All to make this process as smooth and simple as possible.

2. Dedicated account management

When you’re in a new or complex situation, it helps to know you have a professional on hand to help you manage it.

Our team of experienced health professionals understand this can be a vulnerable, challenging time for all involved.

As your direct point of contact, your account manager will help you, your business and your candidate navigate the whole process smoothly.

Once the assessments are complete, we’ll help set you up for success, whatever the outcome.

3. Tailored pre-employment services to meet your individual business needs

Konekt service a diverse range of industries, with candidates from a variety of backgrounds.

Using the JobScreen portal you can easily arrange a number of assessments, from functional assessments to complex medicals.

JobScreen is your unifying tool to manage:

  • Scalability – keep up with demand and the required number of referrals to correspond with recruitment efforts.
  • Job suitability – easy to read reports which indicate suitability of candidates using the ‘traffic light’ system, along with detailed recommendations on their ability to perform the core tasks of a role. Assists recruiters to determine the candidate ability to perform the inherent requirements of the role
  • Quality – Konekt’s streamlined service includes a quality review of all results and assessments by our senior allied health sign off consultants to ensure assessments are completed to our high standard
  • Reporting – access detailed reporting on your candidates, including recommendations and restrictions based on their capacity.

4. National service coverage

When you engage with Konekt, you’re working with one of Australia’s largest organisational and wellness rehabilitation providers.

Konekt have over 40 office locations and more than 1,300 affiliated clinics across Australia.

Every person’s recovery needs are unique and our experienced allied health teams deliver recovery services to more than 15,000 people every year.

Contact Konekt

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Get in touch with one of our dedicated team of health professionals to help you identify the best people for your business.

You can get started today by contacting or call our National Service Centre on 1300 723 375.

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