Social and disability services

Konekt conduct assessments and deliver interventions to support the achievement of maximal independence for our clients.

Assessments and interventions to help your clients achieve maximum independence

We want all our clients to be able to be as independent as possible and live their best lives.

Our team of occupational therapists, provisional and registered psychologists and other allied health professionals provide the assessments and planning support to help make that happen.

This is delivered through a number of services and insurance schemes:

  • Veterans’ Rehabilitation Services
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Transport accidents/CTP
  • Income protection

Reasonable adjustment service

Our reasonable adjustment service is designed to help support employees with a disclosed disability, chronic injury or illness by offering reasonable workplace adjustments.

Professional services

Our professional services assist clients overcome and/or manage barriers or challenges that may be hindering their employment.


Konekt’s registered psychologists, social workers and rehabilitation counsellors provide several services to help identify appropriate vocational pathways and individual counselling to build coping skills, improve quality of life, and ability to live well despite diagnosis or disorder.

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