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Empowering success: The impact of reasonable adjustments for employees

As an employer, you know each of your staff members is an individual – with their own circumstances and needs – and may need different levels of support to help them succeed and achieve their goals.

Konekt is focused on making sure clients have the resources and opportunities they need to thrive in the workplace, respecting their individual needs and ensuring everyone is well-equipped, no matter their circumstance.

Konekt’s Reasonable Adjustment Service has been assisting clients with a disclosed disability, illness, or injury across Australia to make the adaptations to their workplace and/or work practices to ensure they have the resources – and support – they need to feel comfortable and thrive at work.

This could mean working with leaders to educate them on an individuals’ need, providing wider desk spaces, text to voice software, flexible work hours, environmental and behavioural strategies, or access to quiet spaces.

The impact of equity in the workplace

Molly, a Home Support Assessor in APM’s Regional Assessment Services, is now making the most of her workday thanks to Konekt’s Reasonable Adjustment Service.

On an average day, Molly completes two or three assessments that assist older Australians to live independently at home, and then finishes the day at her home finalising notes.

While Molly felt like she had all the tools and information to do her job in a normal day, something just wasn’t working and she was often finishing up as late as 9pm each night.

She then spoke with her leader who put her in touch with Konekt.

Molly was recently diagnosed with a neurodiverse condition.

Following Konekt’s initial assessment, strategies were recommended to help support Molly in her workday and progress her path to success.

Accessing the service

In order to be eligible, someone will have a confirmed diagnoses or a long-term injury that impacts on any tasks in the workplace context and requires supports to be put in place.

We also support people who have a suspected diagnosis and are going through the diagnosis process.

Once the person meets the criteria, the assessment takes place and the employee will be provided with the recommendations to help ensure they can perform at their best in the workplace.

For any equipment recommendations, Konekt can take care of the ordering process.

Once all the recommendations are put in place and the necessary equipment delivered, Konekt are able to close off the service but still remain available should a reassessment be required.

Through this offering, Molly is confident that she will be able to shine in her role now that she is receiving positive support from Konekt.

“With the prevalence of neurodiversity, the perseverance and not giving up on me just because I’m struggling and just being there to help has been wonderful.”

If you have employees who would benefit from our Reasonable Adjustment Service please contact us.

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