Reasonable adjustment service

Reasonable Adjustment Service

Konekt’s reasonable adjustment service is designed to help employers support employees with a disclosed disability, chronic injury or illness by offering reasonable workplace adjustments.

This includes support for disability groups such as, but not limited to, those with neurodivergent diagnoses, intellectual disability, physical disabilities, chronic pain, and mental health conditions.

The service focuses on the individual and provides clients with:

  • Tailored solutions to maximise workplace independence (i.e. physical, social, and environmental adjustments)
  • Practical strategies to support completion of workplace tasks and ability to thrive in their chosen role
  • Clear communication between all stakeholders to support adoption of agreed strategies

The service is voluntary and supports the development of an inclusive workplace culture that optimises engagement of people with disability, illness and injury.

Key features

  • Assessment to identify suitable workplace based solutions (physical, environmental and/or social)
  • Clear reporting with practical recommendations
  • A specialised service delivered by a registered allied health professional
  • Support to implement proposed strategies where required


  • Builds a culture that optimises engagement of people with disability, illness and injury and provides a supportive work environment, enabling people with a disability to thrive
  • Ensures employers are working towards Reasonable Adjustment requirements as outlined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA)

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