Mineral mine and quarry medicals

Mineral mine and quarry medicals are essential (and mandatory) to look out for workers and identify any changes in lung function or early signs of lung disease.

They must be conducted before a worker commences and then every five years.

Why is it important?

In their day to day roles, mineral mine and quarry workers may be exposed to a broad spectrum of respiratory hazards such as dusts (e.g. silica), welding fumes and diesel particulates.

Occupational exposure to respiratory hazards can lead to a range of lung diseases, including forms of pneumoconioses (e.g. silicosis and siderosis), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (e.g. chronic bronchitis and emphysema), and lung cancer.

Medicals are a legal requirement

Health and safety regulations in Queensland ensure that mineral mine and quarry workers undertake periodic medicals to identify any changes in lung function or the early signs of lung disease.

Under the regulations, site senior executives (SSEs) must arrange respiratory health surveillance for workers prior to commencing work in the mineral mine and quarry industry and then at least once every five years.

Konekt will ensure these medical examinations for respiratory health surveillance, are conducted according to the regulations, which include:

  • a chest examination that includes listening to the lungs
  • a chest X-ray dual-read by qualified radiologists to the international standard
  • spirometry tests and comparisons with previous spirometry tests where available
  • any examination deemed necessary by an appropriate doctor to support the early detection of injury or illness to the person’s respiratory system (e.g. high resolution computed tomography scan).

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