Konekt Diversity Policy

1. Introduction

(a) Acumen Health Management (ACN 103 825 832) (Acumen) acknowledges the positive outcomes and better overall performance that can be achieved through a diverse workplace, including the ability to attract, retain and motivate directors, officers and employees from the widest possible pool of available talent.

(b) Acumen recognises and utilises the contribution of diverse skills and talent from its directors, officers and employees. Acumen also recognises that in order to have an inclusive workplace, discrimination, bullying, harassment, vilification and victimisation cannot and will not be tolerated.

(c) For the purposes of this policy, diversity includes, but is not limited to gender, marital or family status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disabilities, ethnicity, religious beliefs, socio-economic or cultural background, perspective and experience.

(d) This policy applies to all officers, employees and all people who work at Acumen, including contractors and consultants.

(e) This policy will be reviewed at least annually by the board of Acumen (Board) to ensure that it is operating effectively and whether any changes are required.

2. Commitment of Acumen Health

Acumen is committed to:

(a) ensuring that Acumen’s corporate culture and values at all levels supports diversity and

(b) inclusion in the workplace whilst maintaining a commitment to a high performance culture;

(c) ensuring that recruitment and selection practices at all levels are appropriately structured so that a diverse range of candidates are considered and guarding against any conscious or unconscious biases that might discriminate against certain candidates;

(d) designing and implementing programs and processes that will assist in the development of a broader and more diverse pool of skilled and experienced employees and that, over time, will prepare them for senior management and board positions;

(e) supporting at all levels an individual’s domestic responsibilities (including the adoption of flexible work practices) that will assist them to meet those responsibilities;

(f) providing opportunities for employees on extended parental leave to maintain their connection with the workplace;

(g) ensuring the policy for selection and appointment of new directors is transparent and considers all facets of diversity to avoid “groupthink” or other cognitive biases in decision making;

(h) ensuring development and succession plans for directors and Senior Management include gender diversity as a relevant consideration;

(i) monitoring and measuring the achievement of all diversity objectives set by the Board; and

(j) considering whether key performance indicators for senior management might be an appropriate way of furthering gender diversity objectives.

3. Responsibilities

(a) The Board has formally adopted this policy, reflecting a commitment by the Board for accountability across Acumen to achieve its diversity goals.

(b) The Board has responsibility for this policy, including its regular review and the monitoring of its effectiveness.

(c) The Board has responsibility to:

  • (i) annually set measurable objectives for achieving gender diversity in the composition of its Board, senior management and workforce generally (Objectives) and, where appropriate, other aspects of diversity including in respect of women in leadership, age diversity and cultural diversity;
  • (ii) assess annually Acumen’s progress in achieving the Objectives; and
  • (iii) disclose:
    • (a)the Diversity Policy on Acumen’s website;
    • (b) the Objectives set for the relevant reporting period and Acumen’s progress in achieving the Objectives in Acumen’s annual report; and
    • (c) the respective proportions of men and women on the board, in senior executive positions and across the whole workforce (including how the entity has defined “senior executive” for these purposes) or the entity’s Gender Equality Indicators, as defined in the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Cth).

(d) If Acumen undertakes a gender pay equity audit (which must be approved by the Board), the Board will consider the results of any such audit and any disclosure related issues.

(e) The Board will be responsible for approving any key performance indicators for senior management in relation to any of Acumen’s diversity objectives.