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4 advantages manual handling training has for businesses

Safety at work is an essential investment

In recent years, body stress has remained a leading cause of workplace injury, making up 37% of claims, according to Safe Work Australia.

Within this, traumatic joint/ligament and muscle/tendon injuries account for 38% of serious injury claims1.

Instigating and refreshing manual handling knowledge and procedures at work can largely prevent these kinds of injuries.

Our workplace health and safety professionals can help your business protect your employees and save your business money.

Here’s 4 advantages it has for your business:

1. Legal compliance

As a person conducting a business or undertaking, you have a duty to keep workers and workplaces safe from the risks of manual handling.

Updated and regular training is one of the ways employers can assess and manage the risks of manual tasks. This also helps businesses stay in compliance with workplace safety laws.

2. Reduced risk of injury

This is the most well-known benefit of manual handling training. Most employees will do an initial induction-style training and not refresh their knowledge. It is not just pushing, pulling, and lifting safely – it also includes identifying hazards, safe work procedures, using handling aids and your right to ask for help.

3. Better quality of life

When we think about injuries, recovery is also a consideration. For example, injuries to the joint, ligament, muscle or tendon can take months to recover from. Some people also may never recover fully from a serious injury.

This doesn’t just impact the quality of life of the individual – it affects the lives of their families, along with costing your business money. Investing in manual handling training doesn’t just save your business, it’s an investment which improves and maintains the quality of life of your employees too.

4. Implementing and retaining best practice

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. When employers and employees do manual handling training together, there is more likely to be open discussions afterward.

Communication improves your safety procedures. When your employees feel part of the solution to an issue, they’re more likely to implement and use the resulting procedures.

Get the solution that works for your business

Konekt offer a variety of different manual handling training solutions. Our tailored approach can help prevent injury and improve the quality of life for your employees.

Reach out to find a solution for your business today.

1 Key work health and safety statistics, Australia 2021 – Safe Work Australia

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