Facilitated discussion

Dealing with workplace conflict effectively isn’t just about saving time and money – it is vital for the health and wellbeing of your team and maintaining a happy and healthy workplace.

Let’s work it out together

Many of us know how difficult work can get when colleagues or teams are trapped in disagreement and are unable to move forward together.

Increased stress, absenteeism and loss of productivity are only some of the warning signs which could lead to more damaging and costly consequences if the workplace conflict is not proactively and effectively managed.

Konekt understands every workplace conflict is different and as experts in workplace rehabilitation and injury prevention, we know the complexities and intricacies businesses are faced with, which is why our approach considers the working environment, the individuals, and the teams involved.

Why use the Konekt team?

Our facilitators are Nationally Accredited Mediators as well as allied health practitioners who are highly skilled in workplace rehabilitation, and who truly understand conflict resolution.

Giving everyone the opportunity to be heard and understood, Konekt offer the necessary supports to assist the parties to reach a mutually agreed outcome together, and if resolution cannot be reached, the Konekt team are able to offer advice on options that might need to be considered moving forward to ensure that workplace disruption and discord is minimised.


Our facilitators are Nationally
Accredited Mediators.


Our facilitators are experts in workplace
rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Early outcomes

Our facilitators will help to establish the viability of the return-to-work goal early.


Our facilitators are impartial and give everyone the opportunity to be heard and understood.


Parties have the option to participate in the facilitated discussion if they choose.


Our facilitators respond promptly to ensure matters are dealt with quickly and effectively.

“Konekt provided an excellent service and had both parties in agreeance in no time which is something we certainly did not expect initially. Their ongoing assistance to ensure accountability to the agreed actions were extremely helpful. This was a great outcome and has had a positive impact on all involved. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is needing mediation between two or more parties. The communication, efficiency and speed the process was completed in was fantastic.”

– Abbie Ironmonger, Case Manager, WA Workers Compensation, QBE

When to use our service?

The earlier Konekt can intervene and provide support, the more beneficial it will be for all parties involved.

Facilitated discussion can be used at any point where it has been identified that parties’ in the workplace are not in agreement with each other and are unable to maintain an ongoing workable relationship.

This can be at a very early stage where disagreement has developed between parties that are either in a compensable or non-compensable environment, where it is imperative that a worker and supervisor or other staff members are able to work together without conflict.

Some situations that may benefit from Konekt’s facilitated discussion service include:

  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Working and communication style differences
  • Management of grievances
  • Change management situations
  • Job or role demarcation
  • Allegations of bullying, harassment or discrimination

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