Group sessions to support your employment journey

Konekt deliver a series of workshops to help develop and expand personal and professional skills so that clients can feel more confident when starting a new job, or in their current role.

These sessions are available for all Employment Services programs (Disability Employment Services, Workforce Australia, Career Transition Assistance, ParentsNext, Transition to Work).

These interactive sessions are conducted by a range of qualified professionals virtually over Microsoft Teams.

Each workshop series consists of two to three, 90 minute sessions, with sessions held weekly until the series concludes. Workshops can be selected based on individual needs.

Workshop series

Work wellness

  • Understanding the health benefits of work
  • Understanding workplace health and safety

Thoughts coach

  • Relaxation techniques to deal with anxiety
  • Managing change
  • Understanding and managing stress and anxiety

Understanding pain

  • Understanding pain and how to break the cycle of chronic pain
  • Using positive thinking in pain management
  • Practical strategies for coping with pain

Konekt to Life

  • Substance use – the facts: managing your thoughts feelings and behaviours
  • Coping with urges and cravings: building and maintaining motivation, living a balanced lifestyle

From stress to yes

  • Emotional intelligence: Influencing your emotions
  • Relaxation and stress management


  • Understanding emotions
  • Coping strategies: Help manage emotions
  • Support networks: Your team

Time for change

  • Understanding anger: An introduction
  • Taming the tiger: Managing angry emotions
  • Resilience to anger: A tool kit


Please speak to your Employment Consultant to find out more.

Employment Consultants

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