Medical Action Plans

Use a Medical Action Plan (MAP) to keep your clients on track and support a review of benchmark hours.

Are your clients registered in the Disability Employment Services program? Are you referring your client for an Employment Services Assessment (ESAt) due to a change in their circumstances that is impacting their ability to meet their benchmark hours? A Medical Action Plan can help.

What is a Medical Action Plan?

It is a report developed by our allied health team that provides information about the job seeker’s medical conditions (physical and mental health), treatment and presentation.

How is a MAP used as part of an ESAt?

A Medical Action Plan acts as supportive medical evidence to Centrelink to support a review of a job seeker’s circumstances and work capacity.

What information does it contain?

A Medical Action Plan contains details about the job seeker’s medical condition/s, treatment and presentation, and comments on current and future work capacity.

Medical Action Plans will be supported by the World Health Organisation Disability Assessment Schedule WHODAS 2.0 which is a standardised assessment tool for assessing health and disability across cultures.

The report will include the overall WHODAS 2.0 Disability Score and information on the total impact of conditions across the six domains.

How to refer

Before you refer, a job seeker will need a completed Verification of Medical Conditions form filled out by their GP or treating provider.

To refer a client, please complete a referral form and email it to

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