WHS system development and support

A workplace health and safety (WHS) management system is foundational to an organisation’s sustainability. It sets the framework for the way an organisation manages safety.

What is a WHS management system?

An effective WHS management system goes beyond the existence of policy and procedure documents, forms, templates, and ‘minimal compliance’.

It should have a distinct focus on improvement of safety performance at all levels of the organisation, in a continual and evolving cycle that leads to measurable outcomes.

Whether you are looking to build a new bespoke end-to-end WHS management system, are expanding an existing system to grow with the business, or are assessing gaps in an underperforming or non-compliant system, Konekt’s Prevention Services team have experts who can assist.

Konekt’s Prevention Services consultants have the qualifications, expertise and experience to identify gaps and improvement opportunities within your organisation’s WHS management system, and to develop a tailored system that ensures inherent risks are addressed in accordance with legislative duty.

System development

System development is undertaken in conjunction with an organisation’s consultative mechanisms.

Following system development, Konekt can further assist with development of a strategic and practical plan to ensure effective implementation of the new WHS management system.

Some of the Konekt services that may accompany the WHS management system development include:

  • Preliminary WHS management system gap analysis
  • Formal WHS audit
  • Analysis of incident and injury data
  • Design and implementation of WHS policies and procedures
  • Development and delivery of training
  • WHS inspections and risk assessments
  • Development and implementation of work instructions, safe work method statements (SWMS) or safe operating procedures (SOPs)

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