You have been booked in by your current or future employer for your pre-employment assessment with Konekt.

Preparing for the pre-employment assessment


Please complete your personalised questionnaire, at least 24 hours before your assessment.

The link to the questionnaire has been sent to you within your appointment reminder. Based on your answers, we might request additional information before you come in.

Please note: We cannot perform the assessment, unless you have completed the questionnaire.

Photo identification

Mandatory requirement

Bring a form of photo identification (e.g. drivers licence, passport) to the assessment(s).

What to wear

Mandatory requirement

For health and safety reasons, you must wear flat, closed toe shoes to the assessment.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing such as you would wear to exercise.

Visual and hearing aids

Bring glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids if you require these.

Smoking and caffeine

Avoid the following for 2 hours prior to the assessment:

  • Smoking
  • Caffeinated beverages (e.g. tea, coffee, cola)
  • Energy drinks (e.g. V, Red Bull and anything containing taurine or guarana)

These substances can raise your heart rate and blood pressure and have an impact on your overall results.

Urine sample

A urine sample will be required at the beginning of your assessment, so ensure you have consumed enough fluids.

Please note: Be cautious about drinking too much water, as an overly dilute sample will be invalid and will require a retest.

Should you need to consume fluids in order to provide a sample, soft drink, juice and flavoured milk are good alternatives.

Limit exposure to noise

Please avoid excessive noise for 16 hours prior to the assessment (i.e. noise above 80dB or louder than general talking volume where adequate hearing protection is unavailable or ineffective).

If this is not adhered to, this portion of the assessment may need to be rescheduled.


Mandatory requirement

Please do not consume any of the following medications, 24 hours prior to the assessment, these substances can mask a fever and impact the pre-assessment temperature check.

  • Any medication containing Ibuprofen and/or Paracetamol
  • Any medication containing Aspirin (unless medically prescribed by your treating doctor for a diagnosed medical condition)
  • Please bring any prescription medication and/or scripts for medication you are currently taking


If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 less than two weeks from the date on the booking, please contact our Konekt National Service Centre on 1300 566 358 to reschedule your appointment.

If a lung function test (spirometry) is listed in your assessment, you may be required to undergo a rapid antigen test on site prior to the lung function test, depending on local COVID safety recommendations.

On the day of your pre-employment assessment

Arriving for your assessment

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your pre-employment assessment and allow up to 90 minutes to complete the assessment.

If you are running late, or not planning to attend please contact 1300 566 358.

However, if you arrive late the consultant may not be able to complete the assessment, and will need to reschedule your pre-employment assessment.

Support person

Unless a support person is required to attend the appointment with you, please attend the appointment alone.

If you do require a support person to attend, you must notify the Konekt National Service Centre on 1300 566 358 immediately so that the branch can make the necessary arrangements.

Changing the assessment

If you do need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please advise Konekt National Service Centre on 1300 566 358 as soon as possible.

Failing to advise us outside of 4 hours of a Konekt appointment and outside of 24 hours of a non-Konekt appointment may result in the full cost of the missed appointment being passed to your referring company.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Konekt National Service Centre on 1300 566 358.

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