Opportunities for veterans

At Konekt we’re proud to be recognised as a Veteran Employment supporter and we know first-hand the value veterans, reservists and partners of defence force members can bring to our services.

We have many team members who have joined us after serving in defence and are thriving in their civilian careers.

We understand the skills, abilities, and attributes that veterans have as a result of their service that make them valuable employees.

Skills such as leadership, organisational skills, and resilience, to name a few, are all traits that are highly sought after in civilian workplaces and transferable to many work roles at Konekt.

As an active employer of veterans, reservists, and defence partners and spouses, we’re dedicated to supporting service personnel to secure fulfilling careers either directly with us or at one of our allied health partner organisations.

Recognising the value of veterans

Konekt are proud to be recognised as a Veteran Employment supporter.

This declaration promotes greater employment opportunities for veterans and as a supporter we:

  • Provide career opportunities at Konekt to veterans and reservists
  • Support equal opportunities for veterans gaining employment with Konekt
  • Actively seek to understand how veterans’ skills and experience translate to civilian roles and contribute to Konekt
  • Recognise the skills and value that veterans can bring
  • Provide suitable training, mentoring, and coaching to help veterans integrate into our organisation
  • Ensure Konekt’s human resource policies support recruitment and retention of all employees, including veterans

Konekt is also a proud sponsor of the 2022 and 2023 Prime Minister’s National Veterans’ Employment Awards.

The awards recognise organisations and individuals who employ and support veterans and partners of current and former serving personnel, as well as celebrating veterans and partners who are achieving great things as an employee or entrepreneur.

How to apply

If you’re a veteran or reservist currently seeking an exciting new career, visit our careers page.

We encourage you to apply!

Veteran Rehabilitation Services

Konekt is a provider of tailored rehabilitation services to veterans across Australia.

We provide post-discharge services for veterans with an accepted injury or health condition with the aim of maximising their wellbeing.

Through this experience, we understand the challenges facing veterans that have sustained an injury or health condition as a result of their service and we offer a range of specialised services to assist clients to successfully transition to civilian life and employment.

Many of our team members are former members or partners of veterans with first-hand experience of defence life, learnings we have translated into our practice.

Whether it’s recovering from a physical injury or addressing the psychological impacts, we use a ‘whole of person’ approach to help eligible veterans make the connections they need for a safe and healthy transition into their new life.

Learn more about our Veteran Rehabilitation Service.

Proud supporter

Proud sponsor

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